Green apple spray air freshener 2L



Product Specification
Brand Fraglite
Quantity 2L
Color Green
Form Liquid
Packaging HDPE Bottle
Fragrance Green apple
Spray Yes
Usage/Application Room, Office, Hotels, Restaurant, Bathroom


Green apple spray air freshener
Green apple spray air freshener

Fraglite Green Apple spray air Freshener infuse your area with a crisp and revitalizing aroma of green apples. Our Green Apple Room  and car air Freshener  spray changes any space into a naturally fresh and welcoming atmosphere. It is formulated with advanced and long-lasting technology that gives continuous burst of the crisp green apple scent.



Key features:
1.Value for money -As you are getting 2lt. whole perfume as compare to gas filled perfumes
2.Long lasting fragrance that neutralizes bad odor
3.Refillable means transport and packaging cost saving.


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