Lavender spray air freshener 5L



Product Specification
Brand Fraglite
Quantity 5L
Color Purple
Form Liquid
Packaging HDPE Bottle
Fragrance Lavender
Spray Yes
Usage/Application Room, Office, Hotels, Restaurant, Bathroom


Immerse your surroundings in the soothing essence of Lavender spray air freshener  with our carefully crafted formula, designed to uplift and revitalize any space. Elevate your senses with our Lavender spray air freshener, where innovation meets the essence of nature for a truly refreshing atmosphere.

In this packaging you are getting 5L whole perfume as compare to gas filled perfumes.
Refillable perfume means transport and packaging cost saving.
Also you are contributing to nature as buying reusable packaging leads to less bottle dumping.

Key features:
1.Value for money -As you are getting 2lt. whole perfume as compare to gas filled perfumes
2.Long lasting fragrance that neutralizes bad odor
3.Refillable means transport and packaging cost saving.


Lavender air freshener spray 5 lt.
Lavender spray air freshener


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