Liquid laundry detergent |5 L|Tough Stain Removal Liquid Detergent| Washing Machine


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Product Specification
Brand Fraglite
Net Quantity 5000.0 millilitre
Form Liquid
Packaging HDPE Bottle
Fragrance Lavender
Country of origin India
Usage/Application cotton, linen, silk, denim , baby wear
Number of Items 1 1
Formulation Type Cold Water


Liquid laundry detergent is a multipurpose solution for all types of fabric maintaining their coloration and texture. Its liquid form also makes it convenient to apply and its concentrated cleansing energy makes the garments shine like a brand new cloth. It works well on white and colored clothes.

Liquid laundry detergent
Liquid laundry detergent

Usage tips and guidelines Liquid laundry detergent

It’s important to strike a perfect balance while using detergent — not using o too little that the clothes don’t get clean, and not using excessive amounts, that may cause residue buildup or useless waste. Always remember factors like load size, soil stage, water hardness, and the specific guidelines from every detergent producer.

For machine wash

For one one-time load, it is beneficial to use 1 cap of liquid detergent on the bottle. You can alter the amount of detergent by keeping in mind above mentioned points.

For hand wash
For a bucket full of clothes. It is recommended to use 1 cap of liquid detergent in 1/2 bucket of water. After pouring it in water, stir it well till you get proper foam. For improving the efficacy dip the clothes half an hour before hand wash.

For soft fabrics
On sensitive clothes, less amount of liquid detergent works nicely.

Stain removal :
For tough stains, pretreating stains with a small quantity of detergent immediately on the stain may be effective.


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