Glass cleaner and Multi Surface cleaner  – Your Solution for Crystal Clear Shine!

Experience the brilliance of streak-less, crystal-clean glass surfaces with Glass Cleaner. Specially formulated to provide  cleaning , Kleanzee guarantees a pristine finish that leaves your glass surfaces glowing and spotless. Elevate your cleansing routine and reap professional results with the  glass cleanser .

Key Features Of Glass Cleaner:

Glass Cleaner and Multi Surface Cleaner In Home
Glass Cleaner and Multi Surface Cleaner In Home

About this item

  • Kleanzee Glass Cleaner contains the power of shine boosters
  • It removes dirt and dust and also gives “2 times more shine” than regular cleaners
  • Can be used across glass and shiny surfaces, such as tabletops, mirrors, glass windows, fridge, oven, kitchen cabinets, furniture, car windows etc
  • Available in sizes:  250ml, 500ml, 2L and 5 L



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