Floor cleaner cocentrate 5 lt., Pine based ,



Product Specification
Brand Kleanzee
Quantity 5 lt.
Form Liquid
Packaging HDPE Bottle
Fragrance Natural pine
Country of origin India
Usage/Application All types of floor
Packaging details Kleanzee pine based floor cleaner concentrate 5L


Introducing Kleanzee Pine-Based Floor Cleaner Concentrate – the powerful cleaning solution to convert floors shining with a refreshing pine fragrance. This concentrated formulation is designed to provide advanced cleaning performance whilst being gentle on your surfaces.


Key benefits of using Natural floor cleaner concentrate :PINE BASED 

    •  Does not change color of surface even on repeated use.
    •  Solution with natural fragrance of pine .
    • Can be used to make 140 -150 L  of cleaning liquid for floor .
    • Biodegradable cleaner that can be used for all non-porous surfaces including marbles, granites, hardwood floors, tiles, countertops, walls, etc..
    • Cost effective as you are not are not paying for transportation of water that you will add while preparation
floor cleaner concentrate
floor cleaner concentrate

This concentrated cleaning liquid for floor is not meant to be used directly. It has to first be diluted by adding water to the concentrate. Once diluted, this floor cleaner works like any other floor cleaner. It is more economical than a regular floor cleaner per wash.  It also saves over 80% water.

Why to switch to Kleanzee floor cleaner concentrate?

  1. Natural Pine Power:
    Harness the cleansing power of nature with our pine-based cleaning liquid for floor. Infused with the natural aroma of pine, it not only effectively cleans however additionally leaves fresh fragrance that lingers all around.
  2. Concentrated Cleaning Performance:
    Our formulation ensures that a little goes a long way, imparting exceptional cleaning results with just a small quantity of product. This makes it a cost-effective and better choice for your family.
  3. Versatile Application:
    Suitable for a  lot of flooring surfaces, such as hardwood, laminate, tile, and extra, Kleanzee Pine-Based Floor Cleaner Concentrate adapts for your cleansing needs. Its versatile nature makes it a super  cleaning solution for all regions of your house.
  4. Gentle on Surfaces:
    Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, our pine-based floor cleaner is gentle on surfaces, preserving the beauty of your floors. It easily gets rid of dirt, grime, and stains without causing damage, ensuring a longer lifespan of your floors.
  5. Easy to Use:
    Simplify your cleaning system with Kleanzee. Just dilute the concentrated  liquid according to the commands, mop or wipe the ground, and watch its results.


Direction to use:

    • Add  1/2 cap in ½ bucket (4 litres) |


  • Tiles, Wood, Marbles, Granite, Cement, Kitchen countertops, Ceramic, Steel, Mica, Aluminium, Iron, Glass, Acrylic, Plastic, Mosaic and other washable hard surfaces.

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